What does an SEO company do?


 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the purpose of doing this form of marketing is to gain website visibility for a business’s website and get in front of more people when they search on https://www.google.com/ , https://www.bing.com/ , https://www.yahoo.com/ & other search engines to show up before competitors.

When looking at seo there are many metrics to pay attention to and focus on to show the search engine what your business is about and the importance of the need for the search engines to show your business before the others. People sometimes think that to be #1 of Google means that a business owner has paid Google to be there but this is not true.  The way to show #1 on the search engine for a search term is to show the search engine that your business has the most relevance for the keyword being searched better than other business websites. Some terms are more difficult than others but this is just the beginning and a small explanation for what a seo company does to rank business websites higher than their competitors.

Google is the biggest search engine and the most reliable when the customer is concerned.  

How many of you “Ask Google” things when you are out and about?  We all do it and we generally find good results.  We find good results because Google invests millions of dollars to make sure their consumer finds relative data for what they are searching for. Can you imagine trying to search for a nice Italian Restaurant to take your significant other out on a date to and finding a dump that maybe doesn’t exist anymore?  This is why it is so vital we find what we are looking for and finding the right place and not something that is misleading. 

An SEO specialist is fully aware of this fact and that is why when they take on a client they also take the reputation of the client into consideration.  This is because all the work put in for a client will be a reflection of the SEO specialist who is doing the work to rank the company in the search engines.

 At the beginning of the 1990’s businesses started to realize the power of the internet and how important is was going to be for their business to be online in front of their customers.  With this knowledge, many people began trying to find out how they could be the first ones their customers saw when accessing information about their market online.  This is when many website owners were stuffing keywords into their articles and were doing crazy things that ranked and was given rankings placing them in front of their customers.  When this was realized, the search engines started implementing guidelines on their networks so that consumers searching would find relative information to the topic they were searching for.

This evolution in the search engines knocked out a plethora of people and huge online incomes dropped to next to nothing if not zero almost immediately.  This caused a big frenzy with marketers and businesses and forced them to change their strategies for ranking above their competition online.  This story continues until we have Google and other relatable search engines all trying to give their consumers the best information related to what’s being searched online.  Now, we have Google’s Rank Brain and artificial intelligence that can determine the mood you were in when you were writing your content.  

This is HUGE in the SEO world and shows the value of content was always the key to ranking on the search engines.

Many marketers that have always been focused on relevant content are now seeing the returns on providing good information to their customers on Google and other search engines. Although content is key on the internet, there is a specific structure that needs to be placed into effect.  This is because even though we have the artificial intelligence of Google, this is still a machine that is gathering data and was built by a human.  The emotions can be very relatable to a human, but will in no way be the same.  So, that being said, we must follow the specific structure for the search engines to follow.  

This will help gain proper insight on the content you have provided about your product or service and make it easy for the “spiders” and “bots” to find it and rank you where you want to be, which is usually Page 1 and Rank 1.

What is the difference between Paid and Organic Search?


Paid search is how Google and Facebook make most of their money.  Paid search is when a client pays for a ranking so that they will forcefully show up in front of the customers they desire.  

What does this mean?  

It means that anyone with a good ad can get in front of people if they pay the search engines a lot of money.  This is not guaranteeing you will have the best product or service, but that you paid the most to be placed in front of people ahead of other companies.  

Try this exercise on your computer  

  • Search for a product or service that you want.  
  • Look at the first results that come up.  
  • These are your ads paid for by the customer.  
  • After the ads you may or may not have a map and then you will have the organic search results.  

 Organic search results are not ads and no money has been given to Google to rank them above anyone else in this area. Thus, this space is the most genuine area for businesses and customers looking for products and services. This is the most valuable space on the search engines for the customer and also for the business owner.  

It is more valuable for the customer because this company was determined, for free by Google, to be the most relative to what you are searching for.  The value to the business owner is this is the most exposure you can get to show up in front of your customer and makes the difference of whether you are wildly successful or not.

What are the benefits of SEO?


The benefits of good SEO are you will rank above your competitors in your market and gain exposure to potential customers first.  Can you do your own SEO?  Sure, you can design your own website, and place your own articles online and try to rank for certain terms online, but how many of you have already tried that? Why not focus on what you do best in your business and leave the SEO to a professional?  

You will gain such an advantage over your competition when you have proper SEO, because there is an outline to follow, and with constant changes on the search engines you will need to stay up-to-date with those changes.  Also, some of the things that worked before no longer work as well or are gone.  You may have the best product or service on the market, but if you are not ranking above your competition then you are broke with a good product.  You must have proper SEO, so the business you have will be seen by as many potential prospects as possible.  

If you do not see the value of SEO then someone in your market will, and will always be ahead of business owners that either do not want to change their habits, or do not understand the direction that the world has gone in terms of business. The ROI, return on investment, for SEO is amazing.  A business owner will pay for a campaign in SEO, and with constant maintenance will see their ROI very quickly. This is because although SEO can take a few months to 1 year and sometimes longer to see results, the long-term effects stay in effect and the ROI each month gets bigger and bigger as time passes by.  

Good SEO is permanent and with small maintenance will keep the business owner in a very good position in front of their competition.

Why is SEO important for your business?


SEO is important for your business because it allows your business the advantage over other companies in terms of ranking for specific terms that your customers are searching for.  As the business owner, you may think you know what your customers are going to search when they want to buy your product or service, but is that how they are really finding you?  

For some, this may not be the case, but you would be surprised what your customers are really searching for when they come across your company. Keyword research will determine the best search terms to focus on for your business, so that you will get quick results and will be able to determine the terms that will take longer to rank for.  In the end this is where you will develop the strong foundation for your website and help you maintain rank over your competitors. 

When you have your own business website you own property on the internet.  The value of this property is determined by the ranking you have and the traffic that is visiting your website.  When you are ranking very high on the search engines, the value of your web property is greater and this turns into the business owner making a great income through their website or other online property.

How much does SEO cost?


You may be wondering, “How much is SEO going to cost me?” The most important factor is determining how fast you want to rank on the search engines for your business.  I am sure you have seen many offers of SEO being done for $100 per month or cheaper, but if you have used one of these services did, they really get the results that they promised, did anything happen or worse, was your site de-indexed from the search engines?  

Imagine putting in a great amount of hard work and effort into your business and then choosing a person who offers cheap SEO, and in a few months your site is de-indexed and no longer showing up.  Getting your site de-indexed isn’t the end of the world and is possible to get reversed, but once the damage is done can be very expensive or impossible to undo it.  

Don’t get caught up with the price it is going to cost you but get caught up in the ROI you will receive. A professional SEO specialist will help you determine the ROI you should expect, and will help you determine the length of time it will take to see your ROI. In addition, the ROI of SEO constantly grows larger as time passes because SEO is a long-term process with results achieved being permanent in most cases.

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